The most famous carnival event in the World

“The Il Ballo del Doge is not a dream, it is The Dream!”

Antonia Sautter

The Il Ballo del Doge was born in 1994 from Antonia Sautter’s love for Venetian splendour and from her personal quest for beauty. The idea takes shape when the designer works with Terry Jones, historic member of Monty Python, on a BBC documentary about the Crusades.

The International Gala of the Venice Carnival has been, for over twenty years, the greatest of her successes among her numerous activities as a Venetian designer of renown.

The sumptuous costumes she designs and makes, the beautiful masks that conceal the most famous of faces, the performances of international artists, the elegance of the refined decorations studied to the last detail are just some of the emotions the Guest experiments.

 The creator of Il Ballo del Doge handles every theme with passion, looking at the future without forgetting, rather appraising, the great tradition of the Venetian Carnival.

The Il Ballo del Doge is an artistic event, a social appointment, an unforgettable experience that unites people from all over the world.

A production that goes beyond the notion of a party and becomes an international happening lived by celebrities and by all those of us in search of a dream.

Antonia Sautter is the beating heart of the Il Ballo del Doge, with her visual fantasies of color and sound, her elaborate dreams, her skillfully interpreted emotions that embrace her Guests: the real protagonists of such a splendid night.

XXIX edition

Saturday, February 26th 2022

Time for a New Renaissance

“Let the curtain rise and the spotlights turn on:
it is Time for a New Renaissance!”

Are you ready to “see the stars again” at the most exclusive Carnival in Venice?

The highly anticipated new edition of Il Ballo del Doge, the 29th, will throw open its doors on Saturday 26th February 2022 with creative direction by Antonia Sautter.

After a year of enforced black-out, the exclusive curtains will open on the exceptional stage of the majestic Renaissance building of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia (“Great Temple of Mercy”)! Two vast floors of historical splendour and elegance wrapped in enchanted new atmospheres and dreamlike settings.

Yes, the spotlight finally returns to illuminate our lives and the most intriguing, lively, luxurious and seductive collective spectacle of the Venetian panorama:
Il Ballo del Doge!

It’s time to book your night of dreams, pomp, art and magic… time to leave behind the darkness that has obscured our lives and break the bars that have held us in check. Leave your comfort zone and put on a sumptuous period costume, a sartorial expression of the high Venetian craftsmanship of which Antonia Sautter is an exceptional interpreter.
Cross the threshold of absolute creativity and love for beauty; an alternative universe awaits you, inhabited by artists and acrobats, masks, unexpected decor, sumptuous floral arrangements and regal table settings.

Antonia Sautter invites you to take a seat in her world… a world that enhances art, beauty and her love for her city, and which turns pure Venetian style and experience into a transformative act with Renaissance as protagonist.

With Il Ballo del Doge you will go on a dreamy and original journey from the shimmering shadows to the brightest most carefree light, guided by the most irreverent card of the entire pack: no more fears and melancholy, let’s play the Joker of happiness!

Follow the footsteps of the Joker around halls, stairways, vaults and pillars… escorted by a Harlequinade parade.

Find yourself in an explosion of joy and confetti to capture and revive your senses.

Book now your night of Carnival splendour between dream and enchantment.

Dance the dance of your rebirth by participating in the 29th edition of Il Ballo del Doge.

It is Time for a New Renaissance!

Antonia Sautter stages for her Guests the extraordinary and sumptuous spectacle of a prosperous and creative new Venetian Renaissance.

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Costumes Atelier

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Luxury Venetian Carnival Costumes

“The costume fitting is an exciting and unforgettable experience, really unique.”
Antonia Sautter

“I’m not a Queen, but if the crown fits….”

At the Atelier Antonia Sautter more than 1200 creations are kept: period costumes that cross history from the middle ages to the 1920s and stage costumes born from Antonia Sautter’s dream-like fantasy, especially created for the artists over a period spanning more than 20 editions of Il Ballo del Doge.

Unique pieces marked by the unmistakable style of the designer. Their history and style blending and cavorting with each other.

To pick, try and wear a costume is an exciting experience during which beauty and tradition, magic and splendor alternate and where time is suspended. A magical moment of which the Guest will forever remember the emotions they lived.

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Get you Accessories for the Ball

See our collection of accessories dedicated to Il Ballo del Doge.

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