Thanks to our Partners of Excellence

Antonia Sautter and her artistic cast will be followed by the team of make-up artists and hair stylists of Academia BSI, the Milanese institute founded by Diego Dalla Palma and directed by Anna del Prete. Air Dynamic SA, a company with 20 years of experience in private air services, became partner of Il Ballo del Doge and its prestigious guests from all over the world, providing air and helicopter services to lead them to the beautiful city of Venice and live a night of pure magic.

The welcome of Il Ballo del Doge’s guests will be more multi-sensorial than ever, thanks to the collaboration with Jusbox Perfumes and their best seller product “Cheeky Smile”, the fragrance capable of expressing the most lyrical notes of the night.

To the French Hatt et Söner the honour of filling the glasses with bubbles, with a fresh and lively champagne that releases fresh citrus notes. 

The beverage bouquet features a parade of well-known excellences, starting with Lurisia water “Bolle Stille” from the Ligurian Alps, in a calm and natural environment.

Three wineries will be present on the tables of Il Ballo del Doge: the aristocratic white wines of Conte d’Attimis Maniago, precious fruit of the careful integrated management of the environmental resources of a magnificent corner of Friuli Venezia Giulia, and another red wine by Donne Fittipladi from the Bolgheri land in Tuscany region, where Maria Fittipaldi Menarini her four daughters Carlotta, Giulia, Serena e Valentina, create a production of absolute caliber.

Final treat signed by cake designer Renato Ardovino, for several editions the fine confectionery interpreter of the dreamlike art of Il Ballo del Doge. 

After dinner party at 11.30pm by Red Bull and exotic cocktail by Puerto de Indias.

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